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Despite the obvious subjectivity and occasional inaccurate portrayals of truth that Michael Moore’s documentaries contain, they always have portions of truth that must be considered and examined. I loved Bowling For Columbine (that has one of the most insightful, loving, & thought-provoking statements by Marilyn Manson regarding the Columbine disaster) and also found Fahrenheit 911 very entertaining (& troubling).

As Michael Moore unashamedly pulls heart strings and makes LARGE “cause & effect” jumps (beyond your traditional documentary), I found SiCKO to be exceptional and a must-see. You may find his portrayal of the American health care system inaccurate, as well as his depiction of foreign health care approaches slanted, but you can’t deny the premise of this film: The strong are to help the weak. The rich are to help the poor. “We should continue to remember the poor…” (Paul, Galatians 2:10).

Heading into Sunday morning with our focus on the church needing to be “externally driven” seeking to help the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40), the sermon fit well with our action step for people to once again be reminded of the AIDS pandemic destorying countless lives & nations (i.e. World Aids Day, Dec. 1). Consider taking a moment to “walk” through The Chapel’s virtual prayer path and consider what further action steps you can take to join the fight. (

NOTE: For some great reminders on leadership, be sure to listen carefully to what Tony Benn has to say (& how he says it) in the documentary, SiCKO. There is also extra footage of Moore’s interview with Benn in the bonus material that is outstanding & challenging.


~ by Dave Smith on November 25, 2007.

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