Reveal Results

Back in October my church community engaged in a collaborative survey that gauged the spiritual growth of our people. To find out more about the actual survey and rationale behind it, go to

The results follow:


(click to enlarge)

What potential implications do these results have for The Chapel?


~ by Dave Smith on November 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Reveal Results”

  1. Dave – when was this survey done? I remember one several months ago that was announced via email and in the bulletin, but it was longer ago than October. How many Chapel attendees completed the survey and how big a sample is that? I am wrestling with the challenges of how you make church more attractive to unchurched while making sure you are discipling the folks that are in the church. I think it starts with more folks in the church that love people enough to want to bring them to church, are knowledgeable enough about how to reach people in our increasingly “postmodern” world and are humble enough to recognize that one of the real beauties of the gospel is that we don’t have to be anyone’s moral superior. And we have to be a little less busy… I struggle mightily in all of the above.

  2. Dave, it’s good of you to post this. I think The Chapel has some good people in place to change the reality this study represents. The questions are:
    1. Will the staff recognize these results as accurate, or will they rationalize that the study was flawed or incomplete?
    2. Will the staff recognize this as a problem (not reaching the unchurched and barely churched) or decide that it’s okay to simply be “an equipping church?”
    3. Will the staff empower the creative risk-takers among you to do what’s necessary to reach the unchurched?

    Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the results for me are that so few are inviting others to church. Why not? Do they not feel the services will be relevant to their unbelieving friends?

    Dude, I’m praying for you as you work to bring this study into the conversations at the leadership table. You truly are the man for such a time as this!

  3. Denny, sorry for the delayed reply. Didn’t catch that you had written in. The survey was done sometime in Sept. Unfortunately very bad communication was given towards it, as it was only broadcasted on the web site.

    Agreed with your sentiments about some upcoming challenges and how to best approach new adaptations.

    Rich, thanks for the encouraging words. Your questions are right on and ones that we have been wrestling with, with greater diversity in their responses!

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