Discover your strengths and discover freedom.


My wife was justifiably reminding me of how I am not good at communicating with her on a regular basis. There is this thing called, “conversation” that I need to improve in. It apparently uses things called, “dialogue” and “discussion.”

But then I internally asked the question I always ask in situations like this: “What would Marcus do?” And as I recalled the teachings of Marcus Buckingham’s strengths theory, I then realize that I must embrace my strengths.

Isolation and occasional, carnivorous grunts and moans of communication are my strengths!

I now sit in silence…unashamed and guilt-free. I have tasted freedom. Thank you Marcus.


~ by Dave Smith on December 6, 2007.

One Response to “Discover your strengths and discover freedom.”

  1. Yes, this is complete sarcasm. I like Marcus. Don’t go crazy!

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