Hard as Nails, the documentary


If and when you can, check out HBO’s documentary Hard as Nails, as it gives an inside look to the radical & controversial evangelistic approach of Justin Fatica, an unordianed Catholic minister. We are talking Billy Graham meets Eminem!

Similar to the fantastic and disturbing documentaries of Jesus Camp and Hell House, Justin’s methodology is extreme. Instead of evangelizing by political power (i.e. Jesus Camp) or by literally “scaring the hell out of you” (i.e. Hell House)…Justin’s ministry, Hard as Nails, simply likes to scream in your face and then put you through your own little stigmata.

Consider some talking points:

  • Since Justin’s main target is troubled teens, how does contextualization come into play with his evangelistic approach?
  • If Justin was your youth pastor, what positive ministry would he bring? What damaging ministry could accompany him?
  • How does Justin’s evangelistic approach compare with 1 Thessalonians chapter 2?
  • How shoudl one maintain a balance between the cognitive and emotive realms of the learner? Does Justin have balance?
  • How can experiential & participatory elements of teaching be beneficial? How can they be harmful?

~ by Dave Smith on December 29, 2007.

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