Teaching Tool (“Peace of Mind”)

A video clip used in last Sunday evening’s worship service from the movie Alfie. It is a thought-provoking piece that can be used with the teaching themes of rest, peace, purpose, etc. (…thanks LL)

This clip was used following a cover song from “The Distance” by Cake (while having a man on stage running on a treadmill). From there a meet-&-greet, the “Peace of Mind” video clip, two worship songs, Radiohead’s “Fitter, Happier,” video…transitioning into the sermon (with the runner on the treadmill again)…ending with a cover of Radiohead’s “All I need,” & several worship tunes. [Musical maddness perfectly provided by A-Rae.]


~ by Dave Smith on January 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Teaching Tool (“Peace of Mind”)”

  1. Dave, that sounds like an AWESOME service! Is there a full-service recording I could get? Video? I’ll bet it rocked the establishment a bit… and Rae was the right man to help get the job done.

  2. Yea, Rae rocks it out pretty hard. Some of those elements even came last minute, but somehow it just all flowed together really well. The thematic element was strong.

    No video of the whole service, but I think I Aaron did have his worship set video taped.

    It was at par with Access, but hey, how can you compete with the Barrett, Bunnell, & Lott thunder!

  3. […] Teaching Tool (peace of mind) […]

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