Evaluating Evaluating

In the fantastic book, Execution, by Bossidy & Charan, they state, “The foundation of changing behavior is linking rewards to performance and making the linkages transparent. A business’s culture defines what gets appreciated and respected and, ultimately, rewarded. It tells the people in the organization what’s valued and recognized, and in the interest of trying to make their own careers more successful, that’s where they will concentrate” (92).

So within a ministry organization whose culture is too “corporate,” how do you re-elevate the ministerial essentials of “shepherding?” One tactic may be to evaluate and reward your team members less in the areas of business skills and more within ministry skills.

One helpful tool for evaluation & then potential reward is Gene Getz’s shepherding critique based on 1 Timothy 3:1-7, from the book Leaders on Leadership (Barna). His evaluation follows with a 1 (never)7 (always) rating system:

  1. To what extent am I living an exemplary life that is obvious to both Christian and non-Christians?
  2. To what extent am I morally pure, maintaining God’s standard of righteousness?
  3. To what extend am I a temperate Christian, one who walks by faith, demonstrates hope and manifests true biblical love in all relationships?
  4. To what extent am I a prudent Christian, A person who is wise, discerning and experienced; furthermore, to what extent do I reflect true humility and a godly and prayerful life that is motivated by God’s grace?
  5. To what extent am I a respectable Christian, a person who lives a well-ordered life and makes the gospel attractive to unbelievers?
  6. To what extent am I a hospitable Christian, one who is unselfish and generous and willing to open my home to ministry to share my earthly blessings with both Christian and non-Christians?
  7. To what extent am I able to communicate in a non-argumentative, non-defensive and non-threatening way- demonstrating gentleness, patience and teachability with out compromising the message of the Word of God?
  8. To what extent am I free from the sinful cravings of the flesh; furthermore, to what extent do I use my freedom in Christ in a way that does not cause others to sin?
  9. To what extent am I able to control angry feelings, never expressing these feelings in hurtful and sinful ways?
  10. To what extent am I able to demonstrate strong convictions and directness, not only taking a stand for righteousness, but to also balance these attitudes and actions with the spirit of gentleness that is fair, equitable, reasonable and sensitive?
  11. To what extend am I able to relate to others with a style of communication that does not make them feel controlled, manipulated and defensive?
  12. To what extent am I a generous Christian, giving regularly, systematically, proportionately and joyfully to the Lord’s work?
  13. To what extent am I a parent who has a good relationship with my children, giving proper direction to the family unit?

Minister or not, try allowing someone to eveluate you in these areas and see what results surface.


~ by Dave Smith on January 10, 2008.

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