Organized Organism


You may have heard the phrase, “The church is an organism, not an organization.” The presupposition usually tied with this statement is that when a church becomes organized it becomes less spiritual.

The assumption is that an organism can not be organized.

But as the church progresses, greater organization is inevitable. (Noticed the “perfect” church in Acts 2. But then look at what happens in Acts 6! Not so “perfect” was it?)

You see when organisms function properly, they are organized. In essence, for the church to function properly it ought to be an “organized organism.”

Are organization and bureaucracy an evil combination within the organism of the church? No! These are necessary components for a “free culture,” participation, and collaboration. These ingredients of organization and bureaucracy become a hinderance to ministry only when they become abused and misused.

May the church progress and may new versions of Acts 6 continue for greater ministry effectiveness.


~ by Dave Smith on January 11, 2008.

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