Structural Prayer


In an age where reciting prayers seems “fake,” rote, and unauthentic, it is important to note that by the early 3rd and 4th century early Christians prayed 7 times a day…most of the time praying through the whole book of Psalms each week!

A nice thing about reciting structural prayers is that it forces you away from “telling God what you think He wants to hear” and anchors you first in God’s truth & will…then allowing you to spontaneously wrestle in prayer with Him.

Christ even demanded repetition in prayer when he told his disciples to recite The Lord’s Prayer” every time they prayed (i.e. “Whenever you pray…,” meaning “Everytime you pray…“)

So try entering into world of structural prayer with The Divine Hours where you can join the world in prayer four times a day, fixing your soul & mind in His will…allowing the spontaneity to follow.


~ by Dave Smith on January 14, 2008.

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