Sermon Prelude

Below is a short video clip I created as a prelude to a sermon I preached in connection to a two-part series on “The Church.” The first “sermon” was simply the viewing of H2O‘s video, “Polluted” which is a running confessional of the church’s apologies for its religious and judgemental abuses. The second week was a sermon I titled, “WikiChurch,” looking at the collorborative, decentralized, preordained, open-system of the church (weaving the church in and out of the Wikipedia metaphor.)

As this video was put together in minutes (so excuse the low quality), notice the nice tension with the paradox between Perry Como‘s voice (Let’s Go To Church) & the “all-American goodness” he represents in comparison to the harsh and vicious video images of God’s people (extracted from a thought-provoking documentary titled, Small Town Gay Bar). You will notice that the first three text blocks seek to draw a connection with a word sung by Perry to what is written in the phrase. From there it mentally persuades the listener away from Perry and redirects the participant towards the hope and direction of the sermon. (Again, nothing major here…and very low quality, but maybe it will spark greater ideas within you!)


~ by Dave Smith on January 18, 2008.

One Response to “Sermon Prelude”

  1. That was awesome, David!

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