Holy Ship


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The metaphor that I prefer to use in explaining the philosophical DNA of an organization is a sailboat or ship. Sometimes the components can confuse us, wondering what value or purpose they have…but similar to the sail or rudder of a boat, they are essential.

  • The Rudder: The values that guide us.
  • The Course: The purpose statement as to why we exist.
  • The Island: The vision defining your destination.
  • The Crew: The outcome based goals (disciples) you are desiring to produce.
  • The Ship Design: The ministry model needed to get you to your destination.
  • The Sailing Techniques: The systems & ministry praxis best to facilitate the functioning of your model.

~ by Dave Smith on January 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Holy Ship”

  1. Ha! Okay, now fess up and tell them about your sailing experiences!

  2. I knew you would saying something about this!!! Actually, you can help me out. I never know what to officially call the boating or sailing activities to make the thing go. Anything come to mind that would suffice?

  3. Whose passengers get seasick one hour out, and whose ramming other boats in the marina?

    Dave – just found this…love it!

  4. Anthony…I am so sorry you stumbled upon this blog. Allow me to apologize now for anything you will read…and please note these things listed on this blog in no way reflect the ideas of The Chapel, my wife, or Jesus.

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