Be Our Guest

Yesterday at our regular Tuesday staff meeting, we had the opportunity to learn from a panel discussion of six guests that experienced our corporate worship experience. Each guest was working for Guest Reflections, a company we outsourced to give us critical feedback on how well our “welcoming system” is working.

Though each newcomer submitted an evaluation form with scores and comments, we thought it would be even more beneficial to hear from the guest first hand. (Sometimes the only way to motivate people towards change is to stir the heart. Hearing the disappointment from a guest firsthand has much greater “heart stirring power” than words on paper).

Though our session with the panel lasted for about 60 minutes, I have condensed some of their insightful comments into a 10-minute “highlight reel.” (Please note that many positive statements were made as well, but due to how easily we can lose touch with the mind of a guest, the more critical comments seem to be the most challenging and needed for us to hear.)

Regarding the diversity of the panel, 3 were churched and 3 were unchurched, with their ages ranging from late 20’s to late 50’s. Click on the image below to see which campus and service they experienced:

(click to enlarge)

Following the worship experience, the guests were to choose 4-5 words that best described their experience. Their word choices are below:

(click to enlarge)

Looking back on their entire experience and determining which words best describe the personality of The Chapel, these were the words selected by the panel:

(click to enlarge)

Currently we are rethinking the best strategy to invite unchurched people into our Christ-following community. We are wondering if the main “open door” would be our authentic, more intimate communities like ABFs and HABFs. But whatever we decide, we can rest assured that some people will still seek to experience our church community for the first time through its main worship service.

So how are we welcoming the guest? May we work better at creating an environment that shadows Paul’s words in Romans 15:7, “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”


~ by Dave Smith on January 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Be Our Guest”

  1. Which words are not on here that you wish they were?

    I wonder will the word assocotions for personality change as the leadership changes?

    It’s interesting that Cindy and Anne had the exact opposite emotional reaction upon leaving the service.

  2. In regards to which words I wish were on there…I guess in some places concering impressions of the service, I wish they were worse to verify the need for change…but those are my own selfish desires.

    Good question about the change in leadership personality. We did ask them in regards to why they chose the words for the church personality…and some of the words were definitely defined by the preacher who was there…so that plays into it!

    Yea, Cindy was completely unchurched. She has NEVER been, so she was blown away that we would stand and then even sing. On top of that, Anne didn’t have any warm welcome by our people throughout her experience…which shows that we can deliever some of the greatest, objective content from Scripture…but until we reach thier heart through the subjective side of teaching (i.e. smiles, conversation, touch, etc.) we won’t break through.

    I think if you asked the staff your first question it would be COMPLETELY different across the board…but we would all be unified with them be categorized under either worship, community, & mission.

  3. I definitly think you need a Ma & Pa type to greet @ every service…frot door…Like a Jim & Nancy :>)

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