Perkins @ The Pulpit


In connection with Love Akron, our church community had the honor of welcoming Dr. John Perkins into our midst. A 3rd grade drop-out ending up with eight honorary doctorate degrees, Perkins & his family left their “successful” life in California (in 1960) to return to his poverty stricken and racially divided hometown of Mendenhall, Mississippi.

The developer of various organizations, the publisher of a magazine, and the author of nine books on the issues of racial reconciliation, indigenous leadership development, and community development, Perkins challenged us all with his passion and wisdom.

I hope you find the words of Perkins below inspiring as you fashion his principles to your ministry environment:


~ by Dave Smith on January 26, 2008.

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  1. […] our physical bodies, and sometimes we don’t see it until it’s beaten out of us. It was John Perkins who prior to explaining the torture he endured in jail first stated, “…for the body is […]

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