Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

It was Viggo Mortensen (“Aragorn” from Lord of the Rings) who was nominated for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” for this year’s Oscars in the well developed film, Eastern Promises.

After seeing the film and then a few weeks later hearing the announcement, I wasn’t surprised. His acting was superb, but at the same time I thought, “Any time you do a four-minute fight scene completely naked (other than the 43 tattoos) you deserve something!”

This fight sequence in the confines of a steamy Turkish bath is one that sticks with you…and may go down as one of the top fight scenes in cinema history. Above all, it is a great reminder of the primal brutality within each of us to survive…as Trent Reznor writes, See the animal in his cage that you built. Are you sure what side you’re on?”

Without sounding too much like an evolutionist, there is a bodily side to who we are as creatures that must be embraced. The “tent,” though temporary, is good (i.e. Genesis 1:31). How easily we can become like the Gnostics of old thinking it is all about the spirit and soul (NOTE: See how Paul addressed this fallacy in the book of Colossians).

There is a goodness that must be seen and embraced in our physical bodies, and sometimes we don’t see it until it’s beaten out of us. It was John Perkins who prior to explaining the torture he endured in jail first stated, “…for the body is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’” (Psalm 139:14) and then went on to talk about the physical thrashing he experienced.

Not the usual connection we tend to make with that passage, but maybe sometimes it should be?


~ by Dave Smith on January 29, 2008.

One Response to “Let Me Hear Your Body Talk”

  1. I can remember the time I was 30+ lbs. overweight…I was sinfully out of shape.

    Later I went through a time of spiritual renewal which included an intense (and very fun) workout and activity schedule (lots of running, competiting, and a couple of triathlons).

    My physical AND spiritual life were energized and healthy like they hadn’t been in years.

    I made an interesting observation during this period of my spiritual journey…people would excuse their flabby mid-sections by quoting 1 Tim 4:8…it came across with the tone “you’re wasting your time, you would be much better off at another Bible study at Bob Evans.”

    No, I’m no cover boy when it comes to physique…but I think there is a relationship between our physical and spiritual health.

    What kind of parallel could we draw between the conditions of both in our life today?

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