The Pre-Prayer Pause

You know the drill.  You are huddled with a group of people either at the start or the end of a meeting and someone is called upon to pray.  But before they begin in prayer, they decide to take a personal siesta and then pray.

Have you ever wondered about those people that have the long pause before the lead the group in prayer?

I sometimes wonder, “Are they taking a moment to get into the ‘spiritual zone?’…Are they trying to conjure up an image of Jesus sitting in the empty chair next to them?…Are they first giving God a heads up about the other losers in the room who are about to enter into His presence?”

Today, “pre-prayer pause” occurred again.  The person was called upon to pray at the start of the meeting.  We all respectfully bowed and waited….and waited….and waited.  Soon I began to look up at him wondering if he knew he was called upon…or maybe he had forgotten?

But just then, he started off, which left me spiritually disconnected from the prayer since my eyes were open.  “Crap,” I thought to myself.  According to Hebraic tradition, I can now only enter into the prayer following a complete sentence.  After a minute or two I was in.

I have determined that the only plausible explanation for this “pre-prayer pause” is sin (which people tell me is the reason for anything odd or peculiar in our world today).   Obviously these people have recently experienced some deep sin and can’t corporately lead us in prayer until they first unload their “dirt” on God.  For that reason, I can only assume that the longer the pause….the greater the sin.

From what I could tell about this morning’s lengthy pause; today, there was either a drug deal gone wrong ending in bloodshed & white powder all over the floor, or a neighbor’s dog was horribly tortured and can now be found hanging from a power line.

The horror.


~ by Dave Smith on January 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Pre-Prayer Pause”

  1. I always push pause right before I switch to my Covenant Carbine.

    Prayer is a odd and peculiar thing.

  2. With the new LB button, that shouldn’t be happening now! :>)

  3. actually, i think the pre-prayer pause is a moment of time-discontinuation, meaning it only happens to people who need it. ie, today God, in his infinite knowledge, knew you were going to open your eyes during the prayer and therefore, you heard a pause, allowing you the chance to seek forgiveness. Seeing as you didn’t seek forgiveness, God finally gave up and let him get on with his prayer already. Oddly enough, I never notice a pause in prayers…

  4. Yea, I can see how you would never encounter the “pause.” In light of your theory I wonder if with some people He just gives up on and stopping time for them wouldn’t even be worth it? Or maybe your life exists within the shadows of reality (Plato) and your entire life is one big pause? This time-discontinuation idea has its merits.

  5. Or it could be just overwhelming thoughts all at once to thank HIM for :>)…OR does there have to be a reason for everything…even pauses :>)

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