Group Decision Making

In his book, Feeding and Leading, Kenneth Gangel gives some good guidelines for creating a conducive environment for group decision making. At various periods in working with teams, I have found these guidelines to be helpful during certain seasons of a group’s maturity.

  • Each Member Has A Voice: the word voice doesn’t mean vote.
  • Each Member Has A Responsibility To Express His or Her Opinion: Not a week later! No “parking-lot” second meetings.
  • Each Member Must Listen Respectfully To All Other Options: Nobody has the corner on God’s truth.
  • Each Member Must Detach Himself Emotionally From His Own Ideas: You have to be okay for your idea to be placed on the table and beaten up.
  • Each Member Must Publicly Support the Group’s Decision: Consensus doesn’t mean total unanimity (there are rare occasion to hear from the “minority report”).
  • Each Member Must Keep Group Process Confidential: How the group came to a decision is its own business.

If needed, modify these guidelines for your context, creating a team covenant for each member to sign.


~ by Dave Smith on February 2, 2008.

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