The “Heroic Myth” of Leadership

no deliver

In a previous post, I mentioned a concept characterized as the “heroic myth” model of leadership:  Leaders who are gallant and superhuman, never asking for help, thinking they are always right, and never admitting failure.

I encourage you to enter into the world of war and the priesthood with two documentaries that uncover the dangers of such a form of leadership: No End In Sight and Deliver Us From Evil.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat; for the war or against it; No End In Sight will exposed you to a series of “valiant” leadership decisions occurring within a vacuum, seeking little collaborative input. In many ways these leaders were stout in approach, clouding their ability for wise decision-making (in my opinion…realizing the documentary tells you one side of the story). To get a taste for the decisions made, and how they were made, take a quick glimpse here at these highlights:

As for Deliver Us From Evil, this form of leadership is somewhat inherited due to its structure of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. In the midst of following a specific sexual abuse scandal by one of its pedophile priests, Father Oliver O’Grady, the film takes you deep into the Roman Catholic Church’s leadership structure…showing its attempt of a cover up, its refusal to admit failure, and the “ordained” set framework that allows these leaders to ALWAYS be right and NEVER questioned.

Both of these documentaries have been nominated for an Oscar, so you can’t go wrong with their quality and entertainment value, but more than that, there are a great number of lessons they teach the viewer.

Register now for these classes at your local Blockbuster or Netflix.


~ by Dave Smith on February 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “The “Heroic Myth” of Leadership”

  1. We should combine movie viewing efforts. I like your selections!

  2. Sounds like a double date is in order. Just saw Juno last night. Really good film.

    My “must see” is “There Will Be Blood” but haven’t seen it out anywhere. Maybe I just missed it.

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