Fast Cars, Fast Girls


They say cars and sex go together.

This latest CNN report on illegal street racing, found HERE, has greater parallels than you may think. (take a quick moment to observe)

And so we find street racing is permissible when in the appropriate context: the racetrack

In a similar fashion if we are to live within a Christian framework, sex is permissible when in the appropriate context: the marriage relationship (Gen 2:24, 1 Thess 4:3-5, 1 Cor 6:18-20, & Eph 5:3)

But before we get into the detailed similarities of this report, think through this correlated scenario:

You are the local pastor in town where illegal racing has become “the thing to do.” A large percentage of the local community members are involved, as well as a growing percentage of your own congregation. How you would address this concern with your church?

Now, following your attempt to deal with this issue, there is an e-mail that is sent to you by a regular attender stating, “Dear Pastor Bob. I understand the issue with illegal and reckless driving is a problem within our community, however I don’t feel this is an area to be addressed by the church. I not only see the spiritual nature of this issue, but the results have been destructive for our family. Upon your attempts to deal with illegal racing in yesterday’s service, we found my son last night on the computer looking up internet information on how to modify one’s car into a racing vehicle. Please allow each family to deal with this issue, not allowing it to be an ‘all church’ focus.”

So we live in world where the sexual “driving” within our society is “illegal” & reckless (having no behavioral differences within the Christian culture). And as we seek to address these issues in an authentic and honest way, the Gnostics of our faith (& their fear) still demand we silence such discussion.

What can we learn from this CNN report?

  • Admit It’s Good (& maybe fun): Notice how CNN admits right from the start that, “It’s no mystery why they do it (illegally street race).” They acknowledge that riding a car fast is fun…and at the basic level of driving a car, there is nothing “evil” with it (accept when it is done illegally). In a similar fashion we have to remind ourselves that there is nothing evil about our bodies, our emotions, or the act of sex (though we always have the ability to make it evil and distort its intent).
  • Acknowledge Consequences: CNN gives some hard statistics to deter young riders from experimenting down the dangerous path of street racing. This is where the church is usually really strong, however our message usually starts and ends with this message, never admitting sex is good, created by God, and a LOT of fun (yet made for the “racetrack”).
  • Allow for Alternatives: CNN just doesn’t say racing is fun, yet dangerous & illegal when done in the wrong context, but they actually end the story with suggestions on when and where you can race legally. The church must reverse its message of always starting with, “Don’t have sex before marriage” and first start saying, “Sex was created for marriage!” But further “racetracks” must also be created such as the “spiritual discipline” of chastity (just as fidelity and sex are “spiritual disciplines.”)

What other steps should be considered for the church’s reconstruction of its sexual authenticity, dealing with these issues openly, honestly, and well-balanced?


~ by Dave Smith on February 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fast Cars, Fast Girls”

  1. well, i think you should have a pastor that starts speed racing. didn’t paul say something like “to the speed racers, i’ll wear a speed-o”…or something?

  2. That would definitely raise the level of authenticity if Paul started preaching in a speedo.

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