Drucker’s 5

Today’s churches have benefited greatly from the end of Peter Drucker’s consultation career focusing on the effectiveness of non-profit organizations.  One key tool developed by Drucker for non-profits was, “The five most important questions you will ever ask about your nonprofit organization.”

These questions are essential for any organization to begin with, and also provide a solid realignment tool for your people at certain seasons of your organization.

Below are the questions reworded for a church ministry:

What is our mission?  (all questions revert back to this one)

  1. What are we trying to achieve?
  2. What specific results are we seeking?
  3. What are our major strengths?  Weaknesses?
  4. Should we refine our mission?

Who is our target audience?

  1. Who is our primary audience?
  2. Who is our secondary audience?
  3. Has our target audience changed any since 2 years ago?
  4. Should we refine our audience?

What does our target audience need & value?

  1. What does our primary and secondary audience need & value?
  2. How well are we providing what our audiences consider value and what we consider need?
  3. How can we enhance what we provide?

What have been our results?

  1. How do we define results within our ministry?
  2. To what extent have we achieved these results?
  3. How well are we using our resources? (money, facilities, people, etc.)

What is our plan?

  1. What have we learned and what do we recommend?
  2. Where should we focus our efforts?
  3. What, if anything, should we do differently?
  4. What is our plan to achieve these results within our ministry?
  5. What is the plan of our minsitry to achieve these results?
  6. What are our individual plans to achieve these results within our groups/areas of responsibility?

~ by Dave Smith on February 8, 2008.

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