Walking to the Beat of a Different Drummer


In today’s technologically advanced world, there are multitudes of musical instruments and “sound making machines” for the use of today’s musician. However, for David Robert Rolston (A.K.A. Mr. Quintron), he has felt the need to invent his own musical devices.

Take a look at one of his musical inventions called the “Drum BuddyHERE.

What would possess a person to create such a machine? What inspired him to go beyond the status quo,  playfully experimenting with new sounds and techniques in music?

In the world of outdated, overused ministry models & tools, what will be the new “Drum Buddy” you will develop? What is it that you are doing this week, whether in church, work, family, or play, that you can rethink, recreate, and reenact in a new and innovative way?

Gordon MacKenzie, a creative consultant who spent 30 years working for Hallmark Cards Inc (“Happy Valentines Day!”), recalls three kinds of creative employees he encountered at Hallmark:

One type loved coming up with ideas but didn’t want to take them any further toward implementation. The second type followed the same pattern but played “poor me” when ideas weren’t accepted. The final group consisted of underground creative types who liked to execute their ideas by hook or by crook and who took enormous delight when ‘they put one over on management.

Be an “underground creative type” that works to “put one over on management” (or your family, church, etc) creating your “Drum Buddy.”


~ by Dave Smith on February 15, 2008.

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