You have a friend who is currently in major debt with a history of reckless spending.  They came to you last month and wanted to give you some money as a gift.  So the question is, would you take the money?

(take a moment to come to your answer)

Now, if you decided in your mind that you should NOT accept this money, then please stand by your principles and send your upcoming governmental, “stimulus plan” check to “Dave Smith, Akron, OH”


Okay, maybe a more appropriate analogy would be that this friend in debt with reckless spending gives you money to go and spend in their store…but you get the idea.


~ by Dave Smith on March 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Scenario”

  1. Pretty funny…

    Maybe the friend is just giving back the excess amount they borrowed/stole/charged you the previous month?

  2. Ahhh…yea, that is probably true. Never thought of it that way! :>)

  3. I think we should all play a little game with the government’s “stimulus” package.

    What if we all sent our checks to overseas missionaries? ALL of it?

    That would stimulate God’s economy, for sure!

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