A Good Friday Commercial Break

I find that during elevated times of our Christian calendar, there are good sobering reminders out there that keep us aligned with the realities of God’s mission Some strong remembrances of…

  • the large task at hand (to engage people like Pat, but to also revamp Christianity’s past mistakes)
  • of it being the Holy Spirit’s work and not ours
  • that we are called to love everyone (doesn’t mean you have to respect their views, but we honor the person!)
  • that though we don’t have a “blind faith” we do have a “reasonable faith” (but that is still faith)
  • and that these “holidays” bring up the biggest miracles of our faith, which in turn sometimes brings forth our greatest doubts.  (Doubt is okay, so embrace it!  It is healthy and a part of spiritual development, seeking to continue to pursue these doubts…not ignoring them…along our faith journey)

~ by Dave Smith on March 21, 2008.

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