Christ’s Pursuits

A fellow pastor asked me to read George Barna’s, Revolution. His copy has been sitting on my desk for months. He then said he needed it back, so I quickly read it yesterday not to appear rude (though I know I am). The book was a decent read, revealing a new swell of “revolutionaires” within the Christian culture wanting action, authenticity, and real commitment. These sentiments echoed much of what we have already been hearing in regards to the emerging church, the “new monastics,” and Mosaics/Busters.

One point Barna pointed out is that these revolutionaries are seeking to reflect the revolutionary approach of Christ. Three keys in how Jesus was revolutionary follows from chapter 8:

His Identity

He recognized and freely acknowledged His total dependence on God.

His Priorities

Obedience to God– Matt.5:19
Love– Matt.5:44,46
Justice– Matt.5:6
Peace– Matt.5:9
Holy Living– Matt.5:16
Integrity– Matt. 5:37
Generosity– Matt.6:2,4
Spiritual Connection– Matt.4:10
Spiritual Wholeness– Matt.16:26
Biblical Literacy– Matt.19:4; 22:29
Faith in God– Matt.9:29; 17:20; 19:26
Blessing People– Matt.28:19

His Character

Merciful and grace giving– Matt:5:7; 7:1
Reconciliatory– Matt.5:24
Diligent– Matt.7:7
Teachable– Matt.7:24
Courageous– Matt.10:16,28
Accepting– Matt.12:50
Surrendering– Matt.16:24
Repentant– Matt.18:3
Humble– Matt.23:12
Servant-minded- Matt.20:26-27


  • What are the lessons for you in how Jesus, the Savior of the world, saw Himself?
  • What are the priorities that reflect your absolute sellout to the Kingdom of God?
  • Are the saem qualities evident in your life today?
  • Are you consciously refining these dimensions so that you will be entrusted with greater responsibility for the advancement of God’s Kingdom?

~ by Dave Smith on April 14, 2008.

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