How organized are you as a communicator?

Educators Lawrence Richards and Gary Bredfeldt end their book, Creative Bible Teaching, with ten final suggestions for the reader. Two of them are:

Teach more by teaching less. It is preferable to teach one idea well. Too often we try to teach everything we know on a subject. Limit the content of your class so that there is time to illustrate, explain, and discuss truth.

Teach using a lesson plan. Planning is essential to effective teaching.

We have all been victims of such disorganized and chaotic teaching…but many of us are guilty of committing such crimes too. (This doesn’t mean we are to be too formulaic as teachers…but that we take the proper time to organize our organic teaching approaches)

A good reminder that the hard work not only comes in the presentation, but also in the preparation. Though SNL‘s new character Nichola Fehn is brilliant, when we truly experience such communication within the teaching setting, it can be far from funny.

NOTE: The other items listed by Richards and Bredfledt are: Teach people, not lessons. Teach for life change. Teach only after you have gained attention. Teach only what the Bible teaches. Teach in ways appropriate to your age group. Teach using relevant issues. Teach heart to heart. Teach from a humble heart.


~ by Dave Smith on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “How organized are you as a communicator?”

  1. Helpful comments, Dave. The most important thing I learned in my preaching classes here would be parallel to your statement, “teach more by teaching less.”

    I just watched a sermon Sunday afternoon via podcast of a pretty popular preacher out in Seattle. His sermons are generally an hour and then followed by a Q&A. First off, it was just too long. It was hard to stay with him no matter what he said. But, the biggest problem was that he went on so many tangents that it was difficult to remember exactly what he was preaching about.

    My view, say one thing, and say it well.

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