Healthy Disciples = Fruitful Mission (it’s not rocket science)

After the healthy challenge two years ago from Hirsh and Frost‘s provocative read, The Shaping of Things to Come,” it didn’t take long to pick up Hirsh’s new book, The Forgotten Ways

Already he is playing the same games as before, messing with my mind and purpose as a megachurch pastor, writing:

What is wrong [with the church of today]?  Our assessment:  we had not been successful at the task of making disciples, and therefore we were not fruitful in mission.  That in neglecting these two essential elements of ecclesia, we had become little more than a worship club for trendy people alienated from the broader expressions of church.  The other two dimensions of fruitful ecclesia were almost completely cultivate a consumerist approach to Christianity.  Like most churches in the modernist-Christendom mode [attractional], we had built the model of the church on a consumerist model and, in the end, paid the price (42).

These are some of the reasons why I have a love-hate relationship with reading.


~ by Dave Smith on May 11, 2008.

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