The Mix-Master

In his book, The Method & Message of Jesus’ Teaching, New Testament scholar Robert H. Stein makes mention of how Jesus moves in and out of being a rabbinic and unrabbinic teacher.

He was rabbinic for the fact he provided the law, taught in synagogues, gathered disciples, debated with scribes, settled legal disputes, sat as he taught, and supported his teachings with reference to the Scriptures. These styles were normative for rabbis.

At the same time Jesus was very unrabbinic by teaching outdoors, teaching women, sinners, & children, having his disciples as protégés of a new tradition, being greater in wisdom than Johan & Solomon, and was viewed as both a prophet & teacher. (Pazmino)

Jesus’ approach doesn’t mean that we need to prescribe a mix of rabbinic and nonrabbinic styles, but it does describe that a variety of instructional approaches are key in educating our people for today.

Are you tired of the old and worn-out model of lecture and preaching? May we flourish in our experimentation and allow for variety to triumph over today’s, stale “mono-medium.”


~ by Dave Smith on May 13, 2008.

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