The Informal Mode of Education

As Jesus approached teaching with great diversity, the church should also reflect such diversity in it exposition of God’s Word.  One approach is the Informal Mode of Education (one of three modes we will be discussing for the upcoming week uncovering our idolatry towards one…and our ignorance of another).

It is within this informal mode that learning is focused on acquiring skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values growing out of the students’ interactions with the natural experiences or his/her environment.

Growth within this mode doesn’t happen within the formalized classroom & with precise curriculum, but happens within one’s own natural settings…within relationships…having less of an agenda.  It is organic, with a mix of intentional and spontaneous learning experiences.

In our church world we tend to create family-like, casual environments like small groups, mentoring programs and your basic discipleship processes.  These strategies are all intentionally or unintentionally modeled after this informal mode of education.

We have seen so much growth and ministry come out of this mode…and we need it!

But we obviously need more than just this mode for holistic, effective Christian education within the church…and that is where our discussion will progress.

For now, regarding this informal mode, what are the strengths and weaknesses of its place within the church today?


~ by Dave Smith on May 16, 2008.

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