The FORMAL Mode of Education

From the informal mode of education we quickly move into the second, classic mode of instruction, known as the Formal Mode of Education:

As the same with the informal mode of learning, the focus with the formal mode is on acquiring skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values, but it all take place within planned, intentional, learning experiences.

Here the tendency is toward a planned curriculum, leading to a completion of a block of study.  The setting usually isn’t casual, but occurs within a classroom, lecture hall, or sanctuary.  Everything tends to be very school-based, using methods like lecture, books, and speakers.

Within the church we see this mode used within the corporate worship service having the sermon act as our “spiritualized lecture.”  We also see it within such offerings as classes connected to Bible colleges, online religious courses through universities, and deeper equipping students & programs.

But for the church, we can’t get enough of this mode of instruction and desire formal avenues of instruction at every turn. The church’s idolatry toward rhetoric and the formal educational mode grows, and the people just blindly fall in line.  We love to create a university or scholastic feel in all of our educational routes.  And though formal instruction is needed and good (there’s nothing wrong with a sermon or lecture)… like with anything, if we only pursue this mode, it is unhealthy and imbalanced(& this imbalance has shadowed a much needed educational mode within our churches…which will be discussed next post)

What about you and your church community environment?  Balance or imbalanced?


~ by Dave Smith on May 18, 2008.

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