Good Ol’ Fashion Puppy Love

Yesterday my 8-year-old son, Cameron, recieved a “love letter” from one his classmates:

He asked me if I understood what she was talking about…and it was then I told him about the great mysteries of the female (never understanding a thing they say or write).

After a short discussion, Cameron departed and drafted his reponse to Sophia:

That’s my boy.


~ by Dave Smith on May 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Good Ol’ Fashion Puppy Love”

  1. Cute stuff, Dave. Next thing you know he’ll be going all Joshua Harris on you…

  2. Yea, for some reason I don’t see that happening with Cameron…however with some of my other kids, that may be true by default! :>)

  3. why does cam’s handwriting look suspiciously like yours, dave…

  4. more like his spelling!

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