The Waterless “Device”

This week my place of employment installed a new, waterless urinal in the bathroom near my office, to save thousands of gallons of water a year.

I am not one to size up urinals and evaluate their beauty, but when approaching this device you realize you are stepping up the BMW of urinals. Its exquisiteness and craftsmanship are like none other…making you feel like you are about to vandalize a great work of art.

Upon the process of clearing storage within your bladder, you are forced to read the sign on the wall in front of you describing how this new device will be saving water and money. But then at the very end is states, “Please do not put anything in the urinal except what is was designed for.”

I began to think, “Are we really that afraid of saying ‘urine’ in the public work place?” Sure, you can’t say “Piss Only Please” (expect if its in a bar), but there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Oh well, at least I can feel like I am saving the world every time I use the urinal for what it was designed for…however, I am a little frightened if this will ever trigger the purchase of the waterless toilet.


~ by Dave Smith on June 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Waterless “Device””

  1. At least you’re standing when you “pisseth”.

  2. Good call. I completely forgot about that guy. Very appropriate:

  3. which bathroom is this? i haven’t seen it yet.

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