Clarity of Vision

Here is a video clip I have used in the past as a good example that though you may have a solid vision for you or your organization, you have to ensure thorough & strategic planning, or the result could leave you and your organization simply floating:


~ by Dave Smith on June 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Clarity of Vision”

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to say that the vision is “to escape the dentist’s office and return to the sea?”

    The video clip is therefore not about vision, but about strategy, which where many leaders fall short. We have the vision, but don’t execute a successful strategy.

    Knowing where we want to end up is nice, but knowing how to get there is what really matters.

  2. I agree.

    Probably a poor choice in title. Should have been “clarity of strategy to support the vision.”

    I just can’t win with you these days Rich! :>)

    The key is what was stated above: “you have to ensure thorough & strategic planning” which in essence is strategy (partially…there is definitely more to it as you define it well above)

    What we are experiencing now is that this strategy to support the vision is causing major riffs in the current paradigm, pushing some painful realignment…that may take months to adjust.

    Still a long road ahead!

  3. Yeah, and I probably should have actually read your text instead of being magnetically drawn to the PLAY button after skimming the title.


    Around here we say, “Navigation is every bit as important as Destination.” I preached a sermon on it, in fact.

    Dude, you win with me every day. I’m just here to keep you honest. I can’t imagine a better leader to help The Chapel navigate the necessary changes in your future.

  4. I love that phrase.

    Can you post a link to that sermon.


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