Art Class is in Session

I like how we have a ”liberal arts” kind-of-God and not one that teaches us strictly through technical means.

Face it, if all we had in the scriptures was the “science class” of Paul’s letters we would grow weary, yearning for a class in art or poetry.

There are different seasons in our day (and in life) that draw us to the different corners of God’s biblical school, teaching us God’s truth through the appropriate avenues.

Today I was meeting with a man who is in deep pain. He noted that the only comfort he feels is when he is reading the Psalms. (Have you ever heard a person in deep distress say that they turned to Galatians for comfort?)

Why are we so drawn to the Psalms at certain seasons? …Because of the image. Because image speaks beyond our minds and into to our hearts. Because image stirs our emotions with the ladle of empathy.

And so God has spoken to us in his Word through a variety of genres.

And yet how do we communicate God’s word to our people? Do we provide a potpourri of communication avenues or is it only taught in the science class of literal precision and accuracy?

Why do we fear communicating God’s word to our people through an image-based approach? Because image means subjectivity. Because image means fuzziness. Because image means you’ll have to engage your heart, allowing the Spirit to fill in the blanks…and that is scary, free-flowing stuff.

In the midst of your next science class over the “text of the day”…begin the process of pulling out a notepad and writing correlating poetry and whimsical icons, while humming a music score to the sermon.

You can take “art class” anywhere you go.


~ by Dave Smith on July 2, 2008.

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