Kingdom Etiquette Over Kingdom Building?

Through various strategic discussions regarding congregational reproduction, your church has decided to plant a church 12 miles down the road where a strong percentage of your people come from.  However, there happens to be another like-minded church already within that area that your church has a strong affinity with.

Should you:

  1. Forgo the church plant, realizing this is the “territory” of the other church community.
  2. Approach the other church and find out if they are accepting with your planting a church in their town.  If they disapprove of your presence, then forgo the church plant.
  3. Approach the other church and find out if they are accepting with your planting a church in their town.  If they disapprove of your presence, you still do it anyway, hoping they will “come around.”
  4. Politely inform them of your upcoming church plant, asking for support, but not seeking approval.
  5. Have no proactive contact, but simply plant the church.
  6. Other.

Not sure there is a “right” answer here, and I can see the various viewpoints that come with each approach, but there seems to be better choices than others in my lowly opinion.

What would you choose and why?


~ by Dave Smith on July 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Kingdom Etiquette Over Kingdom Building?”

  1. Not to dodge the question with another question, but why such a strong desire to plant a church? If your existing church is busting at the seams and the “target market” for expansion contains a “like minded…strong affinity” church, why not encourage families to start attending other church? Just a knee jerk reaction. I’ll think on it more…

  2. I remember when campus 2 was announced…I was in the staff meeting of the “home-town” church when it was announced to them…I say #4.

  3. encourage people to attend another church? you have no idea what you just said…

  4. Good questions Anthony. Definitely play a part in the whole decision making process for sure.

    Your past experience with this adds a great perspective!

  5. I’m not sure how options 4-5 could be justified. Option 3 is on a little bit firmer ground, because the other church could be overreacting and acting territorial; at least that could be a possibility.

    If it were me, I would fall somewhere between two and three. I would make every effort to partner with the other church and gain their support, perhaps even do some joint projects/services together, especially early on in the church plant. I would also hold joint prayer meetings for the important leaders of the two churches, and if after that the other church still had objections, I would have to seriously reconsider the church plant.

  6. That makes no sense to me. Why would you base a decision on what you feel God is calling you to do on the objections of another church? Why does their approval matter so much? What are the REAL consequences to us if they don’t approve? On what legitimate grounds could they really object?

    Good ideas get thwarted enough from the opinions of grumpy traditionalists who don’t approve of much of anyting…now we’re going to include other churches in a our decision making matrix? How will anything every get done?

  7. Preach it, AW!

  8. Brilliant!

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