Sweet Delights

As Leonard Sweet‘s book Soul Tsunami became the top read of 1999, he is still plugging away as the futurist for today’s church movement.

At the last Synergize Conference Sweet had these key points to say about Christianity, titling his talk, “The Perfect Storm.”

We are in Christianity’s first perfect storm. It is a Category 5 and all of the key elements are lining up, having 3, Category 5 storms converging at once: 1) Tsunami of Post Modernity, 2) Hurricane of Post-Christendom, 3) Global warming of post scale.

  1. Tsunami of Post Modernity: From Guttenberg to Google. Today’s culture reads more than past generations…but in different formats. Left brain to right brain driven.
  2. Hurricane of Post-Christendom: Christian no longer hold home court advantage…so the crowd isn’t cheering for us to win. Moving from post-Christian to anti-Christian.
  3. Global Warming of Post Scale: GRIN…Genetic Engineering, Robotic Technology, Information Technology, Nano Technology

Too much of the church is dinasaurs being led by ostriches.

Navigate this storm by: 1) Lift anchor and launch into the deep, 2) Steer into the storm, 3) If the storm gets worse, it’s time to get rid of excess cargo, 4) Lash yourself to the Mast of the Master, 5) Enjoy the ride.


~ by Dave Smith on July 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sweet Delights”

  1. You would think in 10 years Leonard would come up with some fresh metaphors.

    “Lash yourself to the Mast of the Master”…? Cliche.

  2. Ouch…I love Lenny!…but yea…not sure anything new is surfacing for him (similiar to when I heard Stephen Covey wondering when he is going to say something new). :>)

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