God and Country

If I had to choose between living out in the country or living in the city, I would hands down, choose the city. However, I have numerous friends who would rather choose the country…usually adding, “it’s God’s country.”

Not being a camper or backpacker (or really attracted to anything that has to do with the outdoors), I have always wondered why some people say they better see the magnificence of God in looking at the landscape he has created (i.e. the trees, canyons, streams, etc.). Personally, I always see the awe of God not in what He has created, but in what humans create.

When I look at a canyon or waterfall, I do say, “Wow, God created that! It is amazing.” But then again…Hey, He’s God!

However, when I look at the stone monuments in DC or the sky scrappers in NYC, to think that man created such structures in some ways is even more impressive…pointing even stronger to the source of our creativity, ingenuity, and progress: that source being God.

So what amazes your more? The beautiful landscape orchestrated by our God’s unseen movements on earth…or the painting of the landscape shaped by human creativity and talent, echoing our Creator’s heart?


~ by Dave Smith on July 31, 2008.

6 Responses to “God and Country”

  1. “In one of our most sacred areas, the U.S. government has desecrated the landscape, carving images of former presidents who helped to promote the illegal invasion of our continent, as well as the colonization, suppression and genocide of Native people. This monument to man’s greed and inability to live within his environment without defacing it continues to goad indigenous people, as it is placed within the Black Hills, a place of worship for thousands of years to many Natives.

    I’m talking about Mount Rushmore, that desecration of sacred land which stands in a land guaranteed by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 to belong to the Great Sioux Nation…”

    full article – http://media.barometer.orst.edu/media/storage/paper854/news/2007/02/28/Forum/Lets-Talk.About.Graffiti-2748476.shtml

  2. Anthony, that pic is too funny. As man can reveal God’s image, he can also reveal his sin nature!

    Joel, you have issues. The sooner you move out into the foothills and live off the land, the sooner you can become one with the antelope.

  3. I’m praying for you, Dave. This last post reminds me of just how much you need it. Let’s go camping together soon!

  4. This post reminded me of a short personal journal entry I wrote a little over a year ago. Here’s a short excerpt.

    “everywhere i look, i see art and beauty and life, and i try in every capacity to make sense of what i see, to find God and hope and love in these things, or to just understand what the creator of it was trying to convey, but more often than not, i can’t, or when i do, it’s not what i thought. God and hope and love are rarely the subjects of the art i witness, war and lust and death and hopelessness seem to fit the bill a bit better, but still, i know that in those things exists beauty. it has to be in there. but doesn’t it take an understanding of one extreme to fully appreciate its opposite.

    In some way i think (some) art has to be abrasive, it has to greet you like a grizzly in the middle of the woods. Afraid and awestruck by its existence and meaning, we can’t understand the proper way to respond. But we know it’s beautiful in a truly dangerous kind of way. Art makes us contemplate why, and in doing so, why we don’t understand, and through that who we are in relation to it. So it makes sense that i want to find God and hope and love in art, because it will make me feel a part of those things, but i know what art shows me more often, is the opposite, where i lack those things. how badly i want them.”

    Sorry for the long comment, probably should have posted somewhere else, but I don’t have a blog of my own. guess I’m not down.

  5. Okay…okay…after reading that you made you point Ben: You blog is better than mine.

    Great words man!

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