A Lost Art?

Has the church lost it’s artistic way, forgetting to be creators vs. followers?  In an age where we rely on our worship music to come out of Nashville and our curriculum to come out of Colorado Springs, we mustn’t forget the gifted people represented in our own church communities.

The strengths and talents of the people from my church community are endless.  Needing a song that best correlated with the sermon text, Psalm 116, community member Eric Hays, went and coupled the Psalm with original music.  Knowing Eric, he would want me to say this is a very rough copy below…but I feel it shows the quality resources found within our very own churches.

May we continue to find ways to re-instill life to the artists, giving them avenues of meaningful service and deep impact within the life of the church.


~ by Dave Smith on August 2, 2008.

One Response to “A Lost Art?”

  1. Man, I’d love to have a long conversation about this, and the blog just won’t do.

    Of course, if you reach the artists, they have the power to reach the world.

    How do we do that while not attempting to reclaim rennaissance-era christianity instead of Jesus-era loving our neighbor?

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