Music to Die For

Last Sunday we had a fun opportunity to take our congregation through a worship experience that flowed directly from the course of the text.

Ultimately the text was first chosen due to its strong connection to communion, however through the steps of preliminary study, it became apparent that the passage would need to dictate the entire service (communion, offering, praise through song, etc.).

The approach for the text would still be expository, but instead of “telling” the passive listeners the meaning of the text, movements were made to have the listeners participate in “feeling” and “experiencing” its meaning.

For example, in the midst of doing various word studies of the Hebrew text…the question seeking to be answered wasn’t, “How can the listeners understand the meaning of the verse?,” but, “How can the listeners experience the meaning of this verse?”

An approach that provided an appealing variance to the normal even flow of service order, but one that could become stale and trite if conducted too regularly (as with any “order of service”)

You can link to the service HERE, as the hinge of the entire piece is provided by Eric Hays and his original music catered to Psalm 116.

Critical feedback welcomed.


~ by Dave Smith on August 13, 2008.

One Response to “Music to Die For”

  1. I wasn’t in attendance, but I heard great things… and from people that are usually have no problem being critical.

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