Father of Mine

About a month ago, I was online about to purchase tickets for the local Radiohead show when I came to the horrible realization that on the date of the concert I would be on vacationing with our extended family in New Jersey (yes, people do vacation in New Jersey).

In passing conversation with my dad I told him about my horrible predicament and how life was now meaningless. Upon hearing these laments my dad reacted and purchased three tickets to their New Jersey concert happening a week later. The concert would be held in Camden, New Jersey…the birthplace of both my father and I.

So there I would be watching the world’s most triumphant band with my 68-year-old father and younger brother (whom have ashamedly never heard of Radiohead) in the city to which I entered this world covered in slim and smell.

Overall it was a wonderful experience. Radiohead was amazing as usual, while my brother and father enjoyed their unique and experimental style as well as the sweet smell of marijuana simmering in the starlit night.

One of our memorable moments was when my dad paid off one of the workers to allow us in the pavilion section. After watching the first song in VIP seating we were then caught, having to travel to a new location within the pavilion. After the second song, we were caught again, finally taking our respected seats on the lawn…only then was “everything in its right place.”


~ by Dave Smith on August 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Father of Mine”

  1. excessive spending, rock music, mary jane, bribery, slime, smell (bad) – where do I sign up?

  2. That’s AWESOME! I love your dad!

  3. Speaking of ‘everything in its right place’, that’s what they ended with and it was amazing. I can’t believe you ducked out early.

  4. the stomach virus was a rumblin’!

  5. Dad had a GREAT Time!! Totally LOVES being with HIS BOYS!!! even at a pot smelling concert!

  6. […] MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel. As my father entered into an unknown subculture with me at the Radiohead concert, I am now on the other end, in a mysterious land, with unfamiliar […]

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