Sorry, the 10:30 show is sold out!

There are a number of church communities that have children’s ministries where they place a limit on the number of kids a nursery or classroom will take based on the size of the room and a determined volunteer-to-child ratio.

The rationale is that this protocol assures the following:

  • Safe environments for the children.
  • Value towards the existing volunteer staff.
  • Communicates to the church the need for volunteers.

So what do you think?  At one level having a cap is almost required when working with kids for safety reasons…yet at the same time, are you willing to send “Brand New Susie” and her 2-year-old away due to a crowded room?


~ by Dave Smith on August 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sorry, the 10:30 show is sold out!”

  1. Why not create a room for specially resserved for first-time guests where there is always space available?

    No, I would never turn away “Brand New Susie”…I would just give the adults managing the room the permission to inform the arrivals of the ratio status and let them decide for themselves.

  2. Good thoughts Anthony.

    I would imagine that with some churches (like ours) the issue there would be not only the lack of volunteers, but also space to create such a space.

    Agreed though…we can never send away the newbie. There is a win-win system there somewhere.

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