The Critical 7

With his book, Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, (a must-read for any educator) Stephen Brookfield outlines seven assumptions necessary for critical reflection.  These seven assumptions are that critical thinkers:

  1. Reject standardized formats for solving problems.
  2. Have interests in a wide range of both related and divergent fields.
  3. Can take multiple perspectives on the problems that face you.
  4. View the world as relative and contextual rather than universal and absolute.
  5. Frequently experiment with trial and error methods with alternative approaches and solutions.
  6. Have a future orientation–they embrace change as an opportunity with possibility.
  7. Have a confidence and trust in their own judgment.

As I personally can’t fully embrace #4 due to my theological/philosophical framework, try putting on one of these new lenses each day, fostering new and exciting practices never thought possible.


~ by Dave Smith on August 24, 2008.

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