Unhealthy Disequilibrium

As fostering disequilibrium can be a trigger for learning, great caution should still be used when facilitating such tension.  Some of the cautions follow:

  • Not giving enough time for the process to fully run its course. You have to allow your learners to regain balance.  If you continue to throw one disequilibriating idea at them after another a constant flow of disruption can create significant damage.
  • Creating too severe of a disequilibriating experience.  This can be a detriment to learning.
  • The continuous fostering disequilibriating experiences. If all you ever do is play devil’s advocate, over time your learners will lose trust in you.

So from Mr. Keating to Michael Scott, we now can take a look at the “Keating paper rip” gone bad:


~ by Dave Smith on September 22, 2008.

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