Interrogation Tactics

Using a “Hill Street Blues” interrogation technique, this short clip shows a real investigator in action. In my attempt to uncover the hideous crime, notice how easily I am able to get even the most innocent person to admit guilt, while simultaneously breaking the true criminal to the point of confession.

NOTE: This is one of those times (& there are many!) in which I take a joke a little too far, walking away the “jerk-dad” who hurts his son’s feelings. (I think my wife will admit I am getting better though.}


~ by Dave Smith on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Interrogation Tactics”

  1. Conner is way too sure of his innocence. Clearly a sign of his guilt.

    I say take all the furniture out of the house for a week and make them sit on, eat on, and sleep on the floors. That’ll teach them to appreciate furniture!

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