Unfamiliar Surroundings

I am sitting here with my father and brother at the second day of the Straight Up conference hosted by James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel. As my father entered into an unknown subculture with me at the Radiohead concert, I am now on the other end, in a mysterious land, with unfamiliar communicators.

After hearing Joe Stowell for the second time in my life, I then heard James MacDonald and John MacArthur for the first time (as it will probably be the last, though I appreciate what I have learned from them in some areas). As I will reflect on many of the solid elements they had to share regarding preaching & Christ, it has become strangely apparent that the evils within this elitist world of “true” biblical preachers are “topical preaching,” the emerging church, Willow Creek, Rick Warren, and any other “mainstream” trend within our church culture.

…more on that later.

For now, some good reminders from Joe Stowell on Matthew 4:18-22

Before you are a banker, teacher, homemaker, or pastor…you are a “follower of Christ,” In the Greek a “follower of Christ” means to be, “found in the way with Christ.” So when Jesus said in John 14:6 that He was the way, He wasn’t only stating that He is “the way” for eternal life or heaven…but the He is “the way” to think, to act…He is the way to do anything in life. In summary, Jesus is saying, “Let me show you how to live.” So we must be found “in the way” with Him (reflecting His truth, mercy, etc, allowing him to cut paths for His way in our lives.)

It doesn’t start with leadership, but “followership.” And as a follower, could someone say about you, “He/She is not Jesus…but they remind us of Him.” (a pretty convicting thought).

So as the disciples immediately dropped their nets to follow Christ, what “nets” are we still holding onto that needs to be released?

Solid thoughts from Stowell.


~ by Dave Smith on October 7, 2008.

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