Your Farewell Speech?

They say in ministry you should always be seeking to replace yourself and gradually planning for your departure. As I have been thinking about this concept more heavily of late, in light of some readings on the subject and good friends transitioning out of ministry, I was struck by Samuel’s words at his farewell speech to Israel.

He said:

2 See for yourself: Your king among you, leading you! But now look at me: I’m old and gray, and my sons are still here. I’ve led you faithfully from my youth until this very day. 3 Look at me! Do you have any complaints to bring before GOD and his anointed? Have I ever stolen so much as an ox or a donkey? Have I ever taken advantage of you or exploited you? Have I ever taken a bribe or played fast and loose with the law? Bring your complaint and I’ll make it right.”

4 “Oh no,” they said, “never. You’ve never done any of that—never abused us, never lined your own pockets.”

5 “That settles it then,” said Samuel. “GOD is witness, and his anointed is witness that you find nothing against me—no faults, no complaints.” (1 Samuel 12)

As my boys and I have been reading The Message most nights (going slowly through the entire Bible) this was a good reminder of how we leave and the legacy left behind.

May we all be able to stand up with such high integrity after each season of the church, neighborhood, and/or corporate ministry God assigns each of us.


~ by Dave Smith on October 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Your Farewell Speech?”

  1. Well, considering you are irreplaceable, I’d say you don’t need to worry about it 😉

  2. Are you going to leave too?

  3. I have no intentions to…so you can all stop your celebrating and just know you’ll have to suffer being with me some more!

    Through suffering comes maturity…so maybe this is my spiritual gift to mature the church?

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