Low Art

Last week while leaving the movie theatre after seeing High School Musical 3 I wondered if I would be held accountable at the gates of heaven for subjectiving my family to such a low form of “art(we aren’t talking Bible Man, “bad art”…but it was pretty low).

Maybe this is just the price of getting old and no longer connecting with what your kids like to watch and listen to.

Right now, if you asked them which music video they would like to see shot at a junk yard they would immediately answer: “The Boys Are Back,” from High School Musical 3:

And if you were to ask me what music video I would like to see shot at a junk yard I would immediately answer with White Denim‘s new video, “Shake, Shake, Shake,”:

In my mind one is low art, and the other goes beyond pop art, to the point of high art. (This video is a thing of beauty. The next “David” of our time.)

I guess it all comes down to the foundation of art being purely subjective at some level. But unfortunately I can’t quite get myself to the point of embracing what my kids call art…and maybe this is only the beginning of years of toleration until they are properly educated and see things my way. :>)


~ by Dave Smith on November 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Low Art”

  1. Hilarious. 🙂

    Although, I wonder if we could even classify HSM3 as art. What kind of response did your kids give to you when you asked them what it means?

    If they said, “wow, I’ve never reflected on the interconnections of relationships between young adult peers in that way. I’m glad for the friends I have and for my parents. I hope to help others who need it, etc., etc.”

    If they said that, then you have art.

    However, if they said “ZOMFG that was so monkey! I can haz hi skool!!!”…

    then you have been entertained. 😉

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