Big Church, Big Gap?

Throughout scripture, God mandates the church to grow in numbers (Acts 2, Matt. 28).  The bigger a church begins to grow, the greater the distance becomes between the pastor and his “flock.”  The practical response is to hire more staff to administrate over different areas of the church.  This model of hiring has been apparent within the megachurch.

As more staff are hired into full or part-time positions at the megachurch, the distance between the senior pastor and his staff widens.  This growing gap introduces concerns for the senior pastor in areas of communication, team unity and a realistic availability to one’s staff.  If Mort Meyerson of Perot Systems is right in stating, “The third job of the leader is to be accessible,” how do leaders determine what factors indicate an accessible leader?


~ by Dave Smith on November 9, 2008.

One Response to “Big Church, Big Gap?”

  1. I would make a distinction between who the pastor is sheperding and who the pastor is managing.

    There is, of course, a balance between accessibility and boundaries for those the Pastor shepherd and those they manage.

    We ought to know the extremes to avoid, accessibility granted (or expected) to all, at all times, with no regard to any boundaries. Or, boundaries so firm and impenetrable time and attention is granted only to the priveledged few.

    I’ve seen both, and they are damaging. A Pastor’s study referred to as the “Holy of Holies” b/c NO ONE was allowed in. A Pastor’s home life a wreck b/c he worked 80 hours a week with everyone but his wife.

    On the practical side, you must control your schedule. You must allot time for study, time with your spouse, time with those you manage, etc…in controlling your schedule you can find the right balance between those who need your accessibility and those who can wait.

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