I can’t get no satisfaction

Either from a leader’s own self examination, or through the rumblings of the congregation, an ongoing rise of dissatisfaction is a strong indicator that change may be in order.  While there will always be voices of opposition, any dissatisfaction is still to be carefully examined, even though observation may prove the opposition to be tainted or insignificant.

I disagree with pastor and author Doug Murren who proclaims, “If dissatisfaction is strong, the potential for change exists.” Whether strong or not, the potential for change must always be on the mind of a leader.  Complacency or total satisfaction can lead down the dangerous path of stagnation and spoiled methods.  I agree with Murren when he addresses this issue by stating, “To be effective, a leader must also deliberately develop dissatisfaction.”


~ by Dave Smith on November 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “I can’t get no satisfaction”

  1. How does a leader “tune in” to the right voices of dissatifaction (esp. when there are so many whiners?)

  2. Definitely no easy answer here. A subjective dance with various partners: the voices of people, the voice of The Spirit, and the voice of the vision.

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