Character and Courage

In reading the fine book, Judgment, I was recently challenge by the chapter “Character & Courage.” A key quote of the chapter is,”What good character without courage can be worthless, courage without good character can be, and often is, dangerous” (83).

However one perspective that was rather intriguing was:

“Having the courage to act on your standards is an integral part of the bundle of what it takes to exercise good judgment. The standards by themselves aren’t enough. If fact, if you don’t act on your “standards” there is some question as to whether they really are your standards” (75).

Do you agree that a person has no standards if they are not acted upon? If so, then what would you call these “pseudo-standards” that are not acted upon?


~ by Dave Smith on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Character and Courage”

  1. I agree. Just another way to expose the gap between our beliefs and our behaviors. I’ve subscribed to the idea that what you really believe is seen in how you live.

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