Emotive Overload II

As there may be some caution towards the emotive approach of Becky Fischer from Jesus Camp, what about caution towards one of the most traditional methods of modern-day worship services: The Alter Call?

In the book, Fools Gold, Carey Hardy gives several cautions towards alter calls:

  1. The modern invitation systems lacks true biblical support
  2. “Coming to faith” is often confused with “coming down the aisle”
  3. Alter calls risk giving assurance to the unconverted
  4. Many who are “converted” during alter calls fall away
  5. Alter calls are based more on emotional manipulation than biblical conviction
  6. Scripture already explains how to make a profession of faith public

So what do you think? Is Carey right?  If your church community partakes in the alter call…are you really no different than Becky’s approach from the previous post?


~ by Dave Smith on December 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Emotive Overload II”

  1. Just as I am
    Without one plea…

  2. :>)

  3. yes

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