Judgmental Questions

In their book Judgment, Tichy and Bennis reveal a very valuable resource in assessing a person’s ability to perform with good judgment. Titled, “The Judgment Matrix,” their grid takes you through a series of key questions that follow:

  1. People/Self: Does she have a solid sense of herself? Does she have a Teachable Point of view; ideas, values, and emotional energy to guide making good people judgments? Is she comfortable making
    tough decisions that affect the lives of others?
  2. People/Social Network: Does she know how to draw on the resources of those around her to get the input she needs? Is she able to figure out who she needs to involve? Can she align and energize them to support the ultimate call on key people?
  3. People/Organizational: Does she know how to design and implement organizational processes that support her in making good people judgments?
  4. People/Contextual: Is she willing to tap relevant stakeholders for input? Does she know how to ask, and how to get meaningful input?
  5. Strategy/Self: Does she see herself as a change agent? Does she look over the horizon? Can she conceptualize new opportunities and execute new strategies?
  6. Strategy/Social Network: Will she get the people with the right expertise and right chemistry in the room? Will she have the discipline to exclude those with little to contribute? Can she frame the issues so that the best solution is reached?
  7. Strategy/Organizational: Can she build the processes to get all levels of the organization aligned to execute the new strategy? Can she energize them to deliver on it?
  8. Strategy/Contextual: Can she teach the rationale of the strategy to key stakeholders and get them aligned with her? Can she create recognizable benchmarks and deliver on them?
  9. Crisis/Self: Will she assume personal responsibility for dealing with crisis? Does she have a strong Teachable Point of View to guide her? Is she clear on her ultimate goal? Does she have strong values to shape what is acceptable and what is not? Does she have the self-assurance to make clear, firm decisions when necessary?
  10. Crisis/Social Network: Does she have a high-trust team? Can she mobilize them quickly? Can she efficiently elicit a range of options and honest discussion of them? Can she manage conflict so that it is effective?
  11. Crisis/Organizational: Can she focus the organization on essential actions? Can she impose the needed discipline without sapping morale
  12. Crisis/Contextual: Can she manage while in the spotlight? Can she manage external expectations? Can she build/maintain the trust of others that will buy her time to develop and implement effective solutions?

~ by Dave Smith on December 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Judgmental Questions”

  1. This is fascinating, Dave. I think Tichy and Bennis have laid out in 12 categories the kinds of questions that strong leaders have long asked intuitively but were not able to teach well. What a tool.
    Oh geez: another book I need to read…

  2. Oh geez again. I really didn’t mean to be anonymous.

  3. Hey Polly,

    No problem being anonymous! Boy, you must have really had some spare time on your hands to bring yourself to this blog! :>)

    Actually, this book was recommended to me by the big CW, so you may already have it!

    Great read (as all his recommendations are).

    Hope you are well!

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