The Christmas Letdown

Following the preparations of Santa’s cookies and milk on Christmas Eve at my parents’ New Jersey home, our five-year-old daughter, Lucy, proceeded to lay down a letter to Santa in front of the tree, reminding him of her two most requested gifts:

A note to Santa from Lucy.

In the letter she writes, “I wot a pupe” and “I wot a rog” (I want a puppy, I want a rug).

As my wife sat in horror realizing that we would not be giving her the two most requested gifts on her list, I saw this as an opportunity to show her life isn’t fair, full of disappointment, and even on Christmas, you can’t escape the realities of loss. (This also brought to mind the brilliance of coal, providing an easy out when you couldn’t get the gifts your kids most desired. Our forefathers definitely have a wisdom we can gleam from!)

However my wife prevailed, which was followed by a letter from Santa to Lucy (in a handwriting similar to mine) stating, “Dear Lucy. Your rug is being sent to Ohio. Your dog will be given at a later time when your family is ready for one.” (meaning: never)


~ by Dave Smith on December 25, 2008.

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